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Toni's dog, Buster.

Toni's dog, Buster.

Our Giving

Mom's life philosophies and our mission: to be kind to all living creatures and help those in need.  Her chosen charities are animal welfare organizations and the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Why Animal Welfare

All of us at Within Reach Apparel, LLC believe that a pet, no matter what make, model, size, or color, is a true gift.  We honor their rights and dignity.

One constant in all of our lives has been the presence of a furry friend from rescue organizations.  Their magical spirits and companionship have helped everyone at Within Reach Apparel, LLC through difficult times.

As children, Mom taught us responsibility, compassion, and unconditional love through raising a pet.  As we grew older, and especially during Mom's recoveries, we witnessed those same qualities being given back to us by them.  When we could not be with Mom, our family dog would take our place--never leaving her side, always keeping watch.

We proudly donate a portion of each sale to help homeless animals.  This is only possible with your support.

We encourage you to support your local animal welfare organizations through donations, volunteering, and community outreach. 

Why Breast Cancer Research

While Mom was battling breast cancer, in her honor we participated in Avon's Breast Cancer Walk.  We walked side by side with survivors and their families.  Their stories moved us to tears and to action.  An unforgettable experience.

The walk may be over, but our dedication to the cause had just begun.  With your support, we proudly donate a portion of each sale to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.  

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