Within Reach Apparel™

Toni, Donna, Beth, and Jodi

Toni, Donna, Beth, and Jodi



Within Reach Apparel, LLC is a give back company that was started in the summer of 2017 by a loving mother, Donna, and her three daughters, Toni, Beth and Jodi, after a life altering experience with cancer.

After Donna was diagnosed with breast cancer, and the three daughters individually dealt with the impact of what a cancer diagnosis brings, the sobering truth hit them; the strongest person they knew was weak and vulnerable.   While assisting Donna through her illness with daily tasks that most take for granted, the daughters continued to feel helpless.  When they would ask Donna what would ultimately make her feel better, Donna poignantly replied, “I want to feel normal and be independent again.” 

Those profound words were not forgotten by the daughters and led to a vision; a vision of a functional, soothing and inspirational garment to comfort women while they heal.  That vision ultimately led to the birth of Within Reach Apparel and its flagship product, The Recovery Robe.

The Recovery Robe provides numerous pockets for the many essentials one needs when mobility is limited, and caring for oneself after medical procedures can be difficult.  Small medical devices, eyeglasses, prescription bottles, cell phones, tissues, whatever you need is always Within Reach.   With words of inspiration on the trim and material that feels like a soft hug, women are reminded that everything they need to recover is within themselves.

Soon after the idea of the Recovery Robe took shape, Donna brilliantly thought that the same type of garment would be comforting and helpful to a new mom healing from her delivery; one that has pockets for a pacifier, bottle, or any useful baby item Within Reach at all times.  So with that, the Mommy Robe was born into the Within Reach Apparel family.

As the growth of our company advances into the future, additional products that promote healing, wellness, and overall positivity will continue to be designed and added to our website.  It is our passion to expand into venues and retailers right in your own backyard, and to give back to organizations that are close to our hearts, (see Charities page).

From all of us at Within Reach Apparel, we thank you for your interest in our mission and consideration of our products.